How to Get Your Dog to Drink More Water: A Guide for Successful Drinking

Your dog is a unique being with its own personality and habits. You have to find what works best for your individual animal, but there are some general tips that will help you on your way: give them ice cubes (they like the crunching), put their water dish near their food dish, or try different flavors of water such as chicken broth or apple juice. 

It’s not always easy to get our pets to do what we want them to do; they don’t speak English and sometimes think they know better than us humans. But with these simple tricks, it’ll be easier than ever before!

Hydrate your dog with water before giving him food

When dogs are dehydrated, their instinct is to eat as much food as possible. They usually don’t even know that they’re missing something until they start eating. If you have a big dog, giving him first dibs on the water will ensure he doesn’t gorge himself on food and get sick (or worse).

Offer your dog ice cubes or popsicles.

Just like humans, dogs enjoy the cool crunch of an ice cube because it makes drinking water more interesting for them! You can put frozen fruit in there too; give them berries for antioxidants or grapes if you want to make sure they don’t vomit (they’re not good for digestion). Dogs think of popsicles as treats though–they’re not designed to sustain life!

Bring your dog’s water dish near his food dish.

If a dog has to get up and walk little ways for a drink of water, he’ll probably choose to go without it. It’s better if you can place the dishes next to each other so that he feels like he’s getting two bonuses in one: hydration and nutrition!

Experiment with different flavors of water

There are tons of different brands of “doggy water” out there with vegetables or calcium added in, but they can be pricey ($1/bottle on average). Instead, try mixing some chicken broth or apple juice into their normal bowl–if they don’t want it at first, just keep trying until they get used to it!

Incorporate water into your dog’s playtime routine.

Dogs are just like humans in that they’re more likely to do something if there’s a treat involved. For example, if he’ll come back inside the house after each trip outside for a drink of water, you can offer him a small treat every time he comes back inside. 

He’ll love the extra attention and you won’t have to worry about finding puddles all over the place! If your dog isn’t motivated by treats or food, try using toys instead; give them their favorite toy after each trip outside until they get the point (it might take a while). Always make sure he gets enough exercise though; otherwise, he might be too tired to drink water at all!

Make sure your dog has easy access to water.

The more you can make it easier for your pet to drink water, the better off he’ll be (and the less likely he is to get dehydrated). Think about what makes it difficult: If his dish is too small and throws him off balance when he drinks from it, try a bigger one with raised sides. 

If the only source of water is in the shower where you’re always walking past or under a faucet that’s too high for your pup, then leave a plastic cup full of water on the floor near his bed. He should figure out pretty quickly what’s going on–if not, show him how it works! 

Most importantly, don’t give up if your dog wants to be able to drink as much as he needs. The more he trusts you to take care of him, the better off he’ll be!

Water has more of a chance of being lapped up if it’s close to where the dog sleeps. It also saves the dog from getting up too early, which can cause stress on his bones or joints. Plus, if he falls asleep with a drink by his side, there won’t be anything left for him once he wakes up!

Give him access to fresh, clean water at all times

Your dog should have a glass of water beside his bed too. It doesn’t have to be big, just about a quarter filled will do. This way he won’t feel thirsty when he wakes up and it’s the only thing available for him at that moment.

If your place is prone to ants or other bugs, put up a barrier around the water bowl so they don’t find their way in! If you have to leave your pup alone for long periods of time, keep an ice pack in his water so it doesn’t get stale from evaporation! Here are some easy ways to encourage your pet to drink more:

  • Don’t fill the bowl all the way; fill it halfway instead (the dog will have to bend down further).
  • Make sure the bowl is big enough for your pet to stick its nose in easily.
  • Change the position of the water bowl every few days so your dog won’t get used to one spot (i.e., put it by a window, then next to his bed, etc.).
  • Place several bowls around the house at different heights. If you do this, make sure they all stay full or he might choose to use just one or two instead!
  • Put ice cubes in his water bowl periodically–it’ll be more refreshing that way! Dogs love ice cubes just as much as humans do! However, if your dog’s breed is prone to breathing problems like bulldogs, pugs or Boxers, you should avoid letting them eat ice cubes as it can cause severe problems to their health.


If you want to learn more about how your dog drinks water, we’ve mapped out a few tips and tricks that can help make the process easier for both of you. It doesn’t matter if they’re picky or not; these strategies will work in any case! Whether it’s simple things like making sure there are clean bowls around at all times, or adding extra flavorings to their water bowl, our article has something for everyone. We hope this information helps encourage your pet to drink enough H2O every day – which is important for their health! 

And remember – always consult with a veterinarian before modifying their diet too drastically. Like people, dogs have different needs so don’t be afraid to ask questions when you need